Spare time and sport in Tallinn





To ensure that our students have fun in their spare time, we offer them visits to museums, theaters and Russian film showings which take place every week. In addition, our school arranges weekly meetings with host families called "Russian tea parties". During these meetings, you can get acquainted with Russian families and their traditions. Every week, an event named "Russian Evening" takes place, which includes various activities and games.

Upon arriving at our language school, each guest will receive a calendar with a wide choice of activities. The offered excursion destinations include the popular Old Town, Kadriorg Palace, museum visits, etc. Upon request, our language school team books theater and concert tickets. Other available exciting activities are yacht trips, horse rides, carting, nightclub visits and many other exciting activities. Sports facilities are situated in the vicinity of our language center. These include a swimming pool, a spa and a fitness center, a bowling alley and billiards. It is possible to take up Nordic walking and jogging and rent a bike in the summer.

Our language center organizes different interesting activities. These include free and extra-cost activities. You can buy the tickets for extra-cost activities at our language center. Free activities include city tours, Russian tea parties, weekly showings of Russian films, and Russian parties. The cost of extra activities, including theater tickets, yacht tours, horse rides, carting, nightclub visits, swimming pool and SPA visits, bowling, billiards is covered by the students.