Russian courses


The range of Russian language courses at our language center is very diverse. We are happy to help you to choose the appropriate course for you to improve your Russian in the most successful way.


Urok1.JPGAll courses start every week on Monday with arrival on Sunday. If you prefer, you can order a transfer from the airport, port or bus station to the place of accommodation. On the first day of training, all students will be tested. Based on the placement test results, the students' level will be determined and the groups will be formed according to the level of knowledge. At the end of the course, the students will be given a final test. Based on the test results, a certificate will be issued.

The level of every student will be stored in the language center database and will be taken into account for further studies at our center.

 We offer a Standard Course lasting for 20 lessons per week, an Intensive Course lasting for 30 lessons per week, and also evening courses. One lesson lasts for 45 minutes. The duration of the courses is from 1 up to 48 weeks. We also offer a Language Course for Businessmen. This is a course for those who want to learn Russian business language for business affairs in Russia.

 In addition to group lessons, you can take individual lessons in the amount of 5, 10 or 15 hours per week. We also offer communication workshops. During these practical individual lessons, you can practice your language knowledge through dialogues and role plays while getting assistance from the teacher.

 Courses general information

 All courses start every week on Mondays.

Arrival: Sunday before the course begins

Transfer: 30 EUR

Departure: Sunday after the course ends

 Based on a Standard and Intensive Course taken in a group, you can prepare for the level exam. To do this, you will have to take 20 lessons of additional training in groups and 5, 10 or 15 individual lessons if necessary. The level exams are held at our partner Institution – Pushkin Institute, which is recognized by The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation as an official testing center for international TRKI examinations. Exams are held once a week. The cost of an examination is EUR 150.


What different exams can you choose?


For example:

TBU: Certifies the basic knowledge of Russian. Having passed this test, you can use Russian in various everyday situations. Without former knowledge of Russian, a student requires in average about 16 weeks and 5 private lessons to prepare for the exam and pass it successfully.

TRKI-1: Certifies intermediate communication skills in a variety of social and cultural topics. The TRKI-1 exam allows to be enrolled at a Russian university. Students without former knowledge of Russian require in average about 24 weeks and 10 private lessons to prepare for this exam.

TRKI-2: Certifies advanced communication skills. It is required to complete studies in Russia at a Bachelor's or Master's level. To pass from TRKI-1 to TRKI-2 level, the student should take in average 240 lessons or a 12 week group course, and 10 private lessons.


 A preparatory course for TRKI consists of 20 group lessons. Prior to that, the student should pass the required number of lessons in a standard or intensive group. The number of required lessons depends on the individual level of students. Therefore, it is recommended to book at least 5 individual lessons in advance. It is possible to take additional lessons at our language center if necessary.