Eight reasons to study Russian in Estonia




- Tallinn may be viewed as a bridge between Europe and Russia both from economic and linguistic point of view. Before your trip to Russia, you have a great opportunity to adapt to the Russian-speaking environment in a European city.

 - The available combination of a Russian speaking environment and European living standards.           Tallinn has a well-developed and modern infrastructure which conforms to the European standards, so the Europeans can feel at home here.

 - No visa is needed as Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, which is a European country.

 - Tallinn has a large Russian community – almost 50% of the population of Tallinn are Russians. In addition, a substantial part of Estonians speaks Russian. Thus, Tallinn is a multinational city.

 - In 2011, Tallinn will be the Culture Capital of Europe. In 1997, the historical part of Tallinn - the Old Town was included in UNESCO's World Heritage List. There are monuments both of Estonian and Russian culture among the attractions of the city. Thus, you can get acquainted with the heritage of two cultures at the same time.

- A wide variety of leisure activities. Various activities that broaden horizons, help to practise language, and meet the students interests. In addition, there are great opportunities for doing sport.

- The availability of professional staff. The teachers are native speakers with qualifications in Russian as a foreign language or in linguistics.

- A wide range of courses at reasonable prices, including preparation for level exams in Russian language: TEU, TBU, TRKI 1, 2, 3 und 4. Students may take level exams in Tallinn at a time convenient for them.